Andrew C. Peterson, MD



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Associate Professor of Surgery
Department / Division:
Surgery / Urology
DUMC 3146
Durham, NC 27710
Appointment Telephone:
Office Telephone:
  • MD, Dartmouth Medical School (New Hampshire), 1995
  • Urology, Madigan Army Medical Center (Washington), 2002
  • Reconstructive Urology, Female Urology, and Urodynamics, Duke University Medical Center, 2003
Other Training:
  • Fellow, American College of Surgeons
Research Interests:

Dr. Peterson received his medical degree from Dartmouth Medical School in 1995 and completed his urology residency at Madigan Army Medical Center in 2002. He subsequently completed an advanced fellowship in Reconstructive Urology at Duke University in 2003. He then returned to Madigan Army Medical Center where he served as the Chief of Reconstructive Urology and the director of the urology residency.

Dr. Peterson joined the faculty at Duke in 2010 and currently serves as the Vice Chief of Medical Operations, the Urology Residency Program Director and directs the “Reconstructive Urology and Genitourinary Cancer Survivorship Fellowship”.

His research interests include improving the care of cancer survivors and the prevention of genitourinary side effects from various medical, surgical and radiation therapies for cancer. His clinical interests include reconstructive urology and bladder dysfunction in men and women; urinary incontinence in men; reconstruction for urethral stricture and trauma; new bladder construction and urinary diversion; video urodynamic study with  particular value to patients with bladder-emptying problems and bladder-outlet symptoms; care of prostate cancer survivors with respect to sexual function and urinary continence, and urethral stricture disease after treatment with surgery or radiation. He is specifically skilled in the multidisciplinary management of complex genitourinary problems including scar tissue (bladder neck contracture, ureteral stricture), fistulas, radiation cystitis, and voiding dysfunction often seen in survivors of genitourinary cancers. He offers advanced surgical care including urethroplasty, placement of the artificial urinary sphincter (AUS), penile prosthesis, male sling, repair of recto-urethral fistula, and ureteral reimplantation for stricture.

During his 23 years in the United States Army Dr. Peterson achieved the rank of Colonel retiring from the Army Reserves in 2014. He is a graduate of the Command and General Staff College, and has been awarded the Expert Field Medical Badge, the Meritorious Service Medal with 3 oak leaf clusters, and the Bronze Star. He currently serves on the review panel of multiple peer reviewed journals. He is an active member of the Society for Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons and the Society for Government Service Urologists as well as the American Urological Association.

Representative Publications:
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